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Address of Department: 61644, Kharkiv, Textilnaya str., 4.

Tel/Fax: (057) 733-81-49

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The main Clinical institution: The Training and Research Medical Complex “The University Clinic” of Kharkiv National Medical University, Textilnaya str., 4. Kharkiv

Other clinical institutions:

Pasiyeshvili  Ludmila


Head of Department:

Pasiyeshvili  Ludmila - MD, professor, founder and head of the department since 2001

Department staff: MD — 2, PhD — 8, Professors – 2, Docents — 4, Assistants – 4.


The 6th course students of medical and foreign departments, bachelors and masters (specialty of “Nursing”), doctor-interns (specialty “General Practice - Family Medicine”), family doctors of primary health care are trained at the department. The course of “General Practice - Family Medicine”, “Hematology and Endocrinology” is presented in department educational process. Since 2007 all these subjects are taught in English.

For family doctors of primary health care there are series of thematic improvement, the cycle of primary specialization and pre-certification in general practice-family medicine.

To intensify and optimize the educational process uses modern teaching methods: the solution of clinical problems and solutions of test problems, the use of business games, the use of phantoms and computer training programs.


The main fields of ​​research is to optimize the diagnosis and treatment of patients of different ages with comorbid pathology of internal organs and musculoskeletal system, optimization of primary health care to the families of medical and social risk, prevention of domestic violence.

Over the years 3 doctors and 13 master's dissertations were performed on the department. The department staff issued 5 textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 5 manuals for physicians practice health care, more than 810 articles in leading medical journals, received 14 patents for utility models.

Scientific activity is carried out in the following scientific directions:

Clinical, metabolic and immune characteristics of diseases of the internal organs in patients with disorders of the locomotor system and ways to pharmacological therapy.


Members of the Department cooperate with physicians of practice health care; they give consult care in the field of therapy, family medicine, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology, surgery.

Professors L.M. Pasiyeshvili and A.A.Zazdravnov holds regular clinical consultations in the hospital and advises patients in the clinic. Docents are the advisers of the Scientific and practical medical center of Kharkov National Medical University, medical institutions of city. Assistances are as attending physicians of the Scientific and practical medical center of Kharkov National Medical University and medical institutions of city.


The Department of General Practice - Family Medicine has been established September 1, 2001 according to the letter of the Minister of Health of Ukraine dated June 14, 2001. At 2011 the Departmet named General Practice - Family Medicine and Internal Diseases. The team of the Department is the experienced lecturers. During 2003-2006 years they actively participated in the international project MATRA-4 with the introduction of European experience of postgraduate training of family physicians in the educational process in Ukraine.

A necessary condition for the implementation of the principles of family medicine is the restructuring of the system of medical education, which is vital for the staffing of processes of reorganization. These principles are reflected in the Orders of the President of Ukraine, the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government regulations, medical Guidelines. Work of the department of family medicine meets the urgent needs of medical education. Teaching provides students of general theoretical and practical foundations of general practice within a single cycle, which is necessary for GPs for the formation of their clinical thinking and respectable professional image.