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195, Moskovsky ave, Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine
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Head of Department

Volodymyr M. Lisovyi - Corresponding Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, The Head of Academic Council of Kharkiv National Medical University

Staff of department:

The teaching staff of the department counts of 23 teachers, including

- Head of the department professor Volodymyr M. Lisovyi

- Active head of department professor I.A. Garagatiy

- 4 professors: N.M. Andonieva, V.I. Savenkov, D.V. Shchukin, A.V. Maltsev

- 9 associate professors: A.V. Arkatov, G.G. Khareba, Y.V. Kryvorotko, A.V. Knigavko, N.N. Polyakov, V.N. Demchenko, M.Y. Dubovik, E.A. Huts, S.M. Kolupayev

- 8 assistants: A.I. Gararatiy, S.V. Andreev, N.L. Panasovsky, V.V. Khanzhyn, M.A. Grushka, S.A. Olyanich, M.A. Zheleznikova, T.L. Valkovskaya

Laborant: E.V. Borisova

Volodymyr M. Lisovyi


for educational work – G.G. Khareba

for scientific work – V.N. Demchenko

for treatment work – Y.V. Kryvorotko

Teaching process at the department

According to the curriculum, the staff of the department teaches urology to students of the 4th year, nephrology to students of the 5th and 6th years of the faculties of medicine. Here, the elective course of andrology is carried out for students of 5th year of medical faculties, as well as elective courses for students of 6th year “Actual questions of nephrology”, “Basis of transplantology” and “Endoscopic technologies in medicine”.

The Department trained interns on courses “Transplantology”, “Urology” and “Emergencies in urology”.

The Department trained doctors of different specialties on a courses of improvement “Kidney injury in practice of family doctor”, “Miniinvasive treatment methods in urology”, “Male infertility” and “Erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders”, on courses of specialization and prepare to attestation of nephrology.

Successful implementation of the curriculum is possible owing to the clinical base which includes 8 departments of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology n.a. V.I. Shapoval and University clinic.

Research work

Employees of the Department research and implement in practice medicine new methods of miniinvasive treatment of urological patients. There was implemented in practice laparoscopic retroperitoneal interventions: retroperitoneoscopic plastic of ureteropelvic segment, laparoscopic nephrectomies, resections of kidney with hot and cold ischemia, SMART-operations, laser micropercytaneal lithotripsy, endopyelothomy and cystoscopy, retroperotoneal nephropexy with prolen web. Also, continued research and clinical implementation of laparoscopic radical nephrectomies, nephrureterectomies and manual-assisted nephrectomies and nephrureterectomies. Implemented in practice laser laparoscopic resections of kidney tumors without hot ischemia.

New methods of ureterocalicoanastomosis have been developed, held optimized treatment of patients with intravenous invasion of kidney cancer in the removal of tumorous blood vessels from the lower vena cava. The method of prediction of bleeding at venakavatarobectomy is developed. In clinical practice, a new modification of kidney auto transplantation has been introduced. The proven method of intracorporeal resection of the kidney with perfusion hypothermia.

The possibilities of diagnostics of chronic kidney disease at the early stages by the representatives of other specialties (endocrinologists, cardiologists, therapists and general practitioners-family medicine) are investigated. The staff of the department are engaged in the study of risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases in patients with chronic kidney disease. A modern approach to correction of protein-energy insufficiency in patients with renal replacement therapy is being developed. The possibilities of correction of anemia with the use of erythropoietins in patients with diabetic nephropathy on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are explored. Scientific developments of the method of early diagnosis of secondary amyloidosis of kidneys in patients with stable nephrotic syndrome are carried out on the basis of pathomorphological diagnostics of renal biopsy.

Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic kidney graft dysfunction after family transplantation is performed. The possibilities of predipline transplantation in patients with chronic kidney disease are studied. Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of anomalies of the kidney vessels in patients with persistent arterial hypertension is underway.

During the last year, the staff of the department on the basis of departments of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology n.a. V.I. Shapoval conducted 5 international multicenter clinical studies of pharmacological products.


The main achievements: Over the past 5 years, 2 doctoral and 7 candidate's dissertations have been defended by the results of scientific research. 12 monographs and collections of scientific works have been published, more than 450 articles and abstracts have been published in specialized national and foreign journals. 3 candidate's dissertations are fulfilled.

Scientific cooperation

The Department of urology, nephrology and andrology KNMU cooperates with departments of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology n.a. V.I. Shapoval and University clinic of KNMU, Reproductive clinic of professor O. M. Feskov, Institute of nephrology NAMS of Ukraine, National institute of cancer NAMS of Ukraine, with European clinics Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe (Berlin, Germany), Spine cenetr of Zurich (Switzerland), Medical science university of Tabriz (Iran), West Kazakhstan medical university n. a. Marat Ospanov.

Clinical work

The medical work is carried out by the staff of the department at the base of 11 clinical departments of the Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology n.a. V. I. Shapoval and on the basis of the University Clinic of KNMU. 6 departments of that center are headed by professors and associate professors of the department, another clinical departments have a curator from department of urology, nephrology and andrology KNMU.

All staff members of the department take direct part in the diagnostic and medical process of the Center, consult patients, make operations, have a duties in the emergency department in the Center, participate in clinical examinations, conferences, meetings, "specialist days", provide advisory assistance in other departments of the Center, medical institutions of the city and the region.

The staff of the department, on average, annually treats and advises about 10,000 patients and performs more than 1500 operations.

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