Department of Physiological Pathology Print

Address: Nauky Avenue, 4

Kharkiv, 61022 Ukraine

Tel.: (057) 707-73-40, 707-72-67

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Head of Department:

Academic activity

The department teaches Pathophysiology to Ukrainian and international students studying in the fields of general medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine, dentistry, as well as bachelors in the field of laboratory diagnosis and nursing. The lectures on subjects were prepared in accordance with the programs content of which is constantly updated and supplemented in accordance with developments in various fields of pathology and related sciences. Lectures are delivered with the use of up-to-date technical means, including the use of demonstration material.

A lot of attention is paid to improvement of practical training that is largely experimental. Test control is used. Methodological guides to practical training for teachers are elaborated. This material is constantly supplemented with new scientific data and new literature. The texts of lectures and guidance for English-medium students are also elaborated. The efforts are made to improve financial support workshops and also to increase job opportunities for students.

Great attention is paid to independent work of students: for each class compiled a list of recommended reading, the main question on the topic and process maps. The department staff tries to involve the students into development of models of pathological processes,  preparation of abstracts.

The teachers of the department constantly improve their qualification. Besides all teachers undergo refreshment training  every 5 years .

Tutorials on subjects referred to international medium students, as well as guides devoted to specific problems of pathophysiology are published.


General pathology of inflammation


The department has trained 43 doctors and 60 candidates of science.  2 doctors and 9 candidates are trained at present. 19 monographs, including in the UK, 12 collections of scientific papers have been published. 15 patents for inventions have been obtained. The department has doctoral and postgraduate studies of pathophysiology. There is a specialized Council of pathophysiology in KhNMU (Kharkov National Medical University).