Department of Medical Biology Print

ADDRESS: 61022, Kharkiv, 4 Nauky Avenue

Tel. +38(057) 707-73-36

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Meshcheryakova Iryna Pavlivna, Associated Professor, Ph.D.


Miasoiedov V.V., Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, Vice-Rector for Research of KhNMU, Honoured Scientist and Technician of Ukraine

Dzhameyev V.Yu., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Kulachenko B.V., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Shmulich O.V., Ph.D., MD, Assoc. Prof.

Tymchuk N.F., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Zagoruyko Yu.V., Ph.D., Asst. Prof.

Kalyan V.V., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Rassokha I.V., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Sadovnychenko Yu.O., Senior Lecturer

Makashova O.Ye., Ph.D., Instructor

Borodina O.S., MD, Instructor

Kozak N.O., Instructor

Kuznetsov K.A., Instructor

Kuznetzova I.K., Instructor

Puzik N.G., Instructor

Myronova I.I., Instructor


Medical Biology is main subject of the Department and one of the basic sciences for the first-year students of all specialties. The department is equipped with 60 microscopes, over 500 microspecimens, large collection of human parasites, 800 illustrated charts and 100 illustrated tutorials.

In the classes students use the textbook in Medical Parasitology and workbooks developed by members of the Department. Students have access to learning materials in e-library and on website of the Department.

Every year the Department organizes interregional methodological conference “Modern concepts of teaching of natural sciences in medical schools”.


The research interests range from biochemistry of human brain, neuroreceptors and signal transduction systems, gonadotropic and embryotropic effects of chemicals to population genetics.

The Department is involved in clinical research that is being conducted jointly with the Department of Paediatric Surgery and Pediatric Anesthesiology. Currently, the members of the Departments collaborate on the scientific program funded by Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. This study of the biorhythmic properties of microorganisms and immune response of host aims to optimize the treatment of children with pyogenic inflammatory diseases.


The Faculty of the Department took out 11 patents, published 6 monographs, 66 articles in the national press and 55 abstracts over the past 5 years.