Department of Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Anaesthesiology Print

Address: 61051, Kharkov, Klochkovskaya Str, 337-A, Regional Clinical Pediatric Hospital № 1.

Tel. (057) 725-10-40

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Head of department

Staff of the department

In charge of academic work - V.V. Lapshin, PhD, associate professor,

In charge of academic research work - S.Y. Shtyker, PhD, associate professor,

In charge of academic clinical work – B.E. Sigayev, PhD, associate professor.

N.M. Mezhirova, DM, professor, PhD, Y.V. Pashchenko, DM, professor.

Associate professors, PhD: V.V. Vyun, Y.V. Basylayshvili.

Assistants, PhD: V.V. Danilova, N.V. Davydenko, O.O. Liermontov.

Laboratory assistants: S.P. Serdyuk, S.N. Govorukha

Academic work

The department trains students (English medium) of the 5-6th years of the faculties of medicine on the disciplines "Pediatric Surgery" and " Pediatric Anesthesiology"; interns on the program of primary specialization internship on specialties "Pediatric Surgery" and "Pediatric Anesthesiology"; masters, postgraduates and residents on the

above mentioned specialties. Annually the department conductes pre-certification cycles and specialization courses on the specialty "Pediatric Surgery". Pediatric surgeons, general surgeons, pediatricians, emergency physicians, family doctors, obstetricians and gynecologists improve their skills at refreshment courses: "Urgent conditions in pediatric surgery. Modern technologies of diagnosis and treatment", "Current issues of diagnosis and correction of congenital malformations in pediatric surgery". Academic activities are provided by an adequate schedule and thorough methodological support at the department.

Research areas

Development of effective methods of antibiotic therapy for severe inflammatory processes in children, early prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies in children, their early surgical treatment.

In 2013 the department completed the research work on the study of the influence of efferent factors and antimicrobial preparations on various morphological forms of microorganisms considering their living biorhythms in children with pyoseptic complications. Since 2014 the research work on experimental and clinical study of biorhythmic properties of microorganisms, causative of pyo-inflammatory surgical diseases in children and the influence of low-intensity ultrasound and ozone on them has been carried out.

Results of the research have been applied into practice of Kharkov region public health service at the base of Regional Clinical Pediatric Hospital № 1.

Principal scientific achievements

2 PhD theses are being performed at the moment. Since 2007 2

Since 2007 1 thesis for a Doctor's degree and 3 master's theses have been defended. 3 PhD theses are being performed at the moment. 1 newsletter of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, 3 declarative patents for useful model of Ukraine and 1 utility patent of Ukraine concerned with the recent research have been published.

Scientific cooperation

The department performs scientific research in conjunction with the department of microbiology, virology and immunology of KhNMU. Since 2007, the team has been cooperating with Belgorod Regional Pediatric Hospital (Russia). The department actively participates in research and practice conferences with international participation, held in Belgorod.

Clinical work

Kharkov Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital № 1 and Regional Children's Advisory polyclinic constitute the clinical base of the department. More than 5,500 surgical interventions in the clinic and up to 3000 in the regional hospitals are performed annually. Of these, approximately 25% of surgeries are performed by the members of the department, managing usually children with severe pathology. They also advise on 33-34 thousand children.

Based on Kharkov Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital № 1, Interregional Center of Pediatric Surgery provides a large curatorial work in neighboring regions. Every year up to 4000 children are examined during regional visits.

The department interacts with Kharkov Inter-Regional Medical Genetics Center of prenatal diagnosis with further conjoint counseling by professional geneticists and pediatric surgeons concerning timely surgical treatment of children with congenital malformations.