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Address: 61022 Kharkiv, Nauky Avenue, 4.

Phone: 707-72-70, 707-73-51

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Head of the department:

Stepanenko Alexander — Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor

Academic work:

Disciplines being taught at the department:

Histology that studies human tissues

Cytology that studies principles of cell organization

Embryology that studies process of human embryo development

The course of histology, cytology, and embryology comprises a set of lectures and practical laboratory classes.

Lectures are delivered in English by talented speakers on a high scientific level.

During practical laboratory classes the students use light microscopes to examine sections of different organs to understand their normal histological architecture.

A rich illustrative material, a lot of electron micrographs, high-level textbooks are available in English.

Stepanenko Alexander

Scientific work:

Major research area: individual histological variability in the human brain

Main scientific achievements:

Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology has a long research history in different fields of histological science.

The founder of the department Khrzhonschevsky N.A. was the first in the world to discover new methods of staining, he also proved that lung alveoli are lined with continuous layer of flat epitheliocytes and established that bile capillaries originate in the liver trabeculae, determined that straight tubules of the kidney nephron had connection with the convoluted tubules.

Other prominent scientists that worked at the department accomplished a lot of research work.

For example, Professor Kulchitsky M.K. was the first in the world to describe small intestine enterochromaffine cells, that later were named after him: Kulchitsky cells.

Professor Kaschenko M.F. laid the corner stone of embryology in our country, has found and described macrophages in the stroma of chorionic villi that later were named after him: Kaschenko-Gofbauer cells.

Professor Rubashkin V.Ya. proved that gonoblasts derived not from the gonads.

Professor Chasovnikov M.C. proved that thymus lobule stroma consisted of epithelial cells, not of reticular tissue as in other lymphoid organs.

Professor Alyoshin B.V. made significant contributions to the research of hypothalamic-hypophyseal system.

Professor Pankov E.Ya. did a lot for better understanding of normal architecture of the bone tissue.

Professor Maslovsky S.Yu. created a prominent unique atlas of adolescent middle brain.

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