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Address: 61022, Kharkiv, Nauky Avenue, 4.
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Nakonechna Oksana Anatoliyivna – MD, PhD, Professor


In charge of academic work - Associate professor, PhD Stetsenko S.O.; of academic work with Bachelors and Masters, for the work of scientific society - Associate professor, PhD Т.V. Gorbach; of research work – Assistant, PhD, Vasylieva I.V.; of educational work - Associate professor, PhD Denysenko S.A.; for English training and for LIE “Krok-1” preparation – Professor, Dr. Biol., PhD L.D. Popova.

Professors: Dr. Med., Dr. Biol., PhD V.I. Zhukov, Dr. Biol., PhD L.D. Popova.

Associate professors: PhD Stetsenko S.O., PhD Gopkalov V.G., PhD Gorbach T.V., PhD Androsov Ye.D., PhD Denysenko S.A., PhD Bachynskyi, PhD Vyshnitska I.A.

Assistants:, PhD Martynova S.M., PhD Vasylieva I.V., PhD Novikova I.V., PhD Tkachenko A.S., PhD Yarmysh N.V., PhD Zhernovaya M.Ye.,  Maksymova I.G., Polikarpova H.V., Bondareva A.V., Onistchenko A.I., Bezrodna A.I.

Nakonechna Oksana Anatoliyivna


The department studies students on discipline "Biological chemistry":

The department studies students of the IV year of “Medicine” and “Dentistry” specialties on discipline "Clinical biochemistry".

The department studies first year post-graduate students on discipline "Proper laboratory diagnostics and fundamentals of evidence-based medicine".


The main scientific directions of the department in the last period are studying aggressive state development mechanisms and disorders in the body under influence of chemical environmental factors; studying the pathogenesis of psoriasis and cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.



During the period 2012 - 2017 - 3 doctoral and 5 PhD theses are defended. PhD theses are submitted for defending. Two PhD theses are performing. During the period 2012 – 2017 11 monographs, 8 textbooks, 9 manuals, 34 guidelines, two of which are for research, 53 acts of implementation and 13 patents were published.



Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education; Institute of Scintillation Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Institute of Medical Radiology n.a. S.P. Grigoriev NAMS of Ukraine; Humanitars University in Sosnowiec (Poland); Republic of Turkey, Cukurova University, Medical Faculty, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry; Belarusian State Medical University.



The Department of Biological Chemistry  of KhNMU is one of the oldest departments in our country and abroad. Department of Biological Chemistry was founded in 1864 at the Medical Faculty of Kharkov University by Professor F.V. Tihonovich. The department titled "The Cabinet of Medical Chemistry and Physics" was established in 1863 at the Medical Faculty of Kharkov University. "The Cabinet of Medical Chemistry and Physics" was later transformed into the Department of Medical (1884), physiological and eventually Biological Chemistry, which has become one of the leading centers of biochemistry. The department was headed by F.V. Tyhonovich (1864-1885), O.Ya. Danilevsky (1885-1892), T.I. Bogomolov(1893-1897), V.S. Gulyevych(1899-1901), D.M. Kuraev (1902-1908), R.P. Krimberg (1908-1919), O.V. Paladin (1921-1931), A.M. Utevskiy (1931-1975), I.F. Paskevich (1977-1985), M.G. Sergienko (1986-1997), V.I. Zhukov (1997-2014) in different years. The outstanding figures of national science worked at the department, making a significant contribution to the biochemistry as a science. Thus, from 1921 to 1931 the department was headed O.V. Paladin (1885-1972). Since 1931 till 1975 the department was headed by A.M. Utevskyy, who began the research of adrenaline metabolism, studied the role of hormone metabolic products, mechanisms of action. Under the leadership of M.G. Sergienko (headed the department from 1986 till 1997) new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with epilepsy and migraine are developed and introduced into practice at the department. In 1993 M.G. Sergienko awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Under the leadership of M.G. Sergienko 6 doctors and 20 PhDs are trained.

From 1997 till 2014 the department was headed by V.I. Zhukov, who is a renowned scientist in the field of hygiene and biological bhemistry, author of 630 scientific papers, 58 patents and inventions, 12 rationalization proposals, 44 monographs, 3 textbooks and 7 manuals, 4 sanitary norms and rules, 8 guidelines, 11 innovations, over 150 implementations at national level. Under his leadership and consultative assistance 28 doctoral and 26 phD dissertations are performed. Winner of I.P. Pavlov’s and I.I. Mechnikov’s prizes. He was awarded in 2013 the Order of «European Academy of Natural Sciences" for scientific discovery,. Hannover and Ryan medal "Author of scientific discovery." In 2012, together with Cambridge University published guidelines for the diagnosis of precancerous metabolic states. He prepared 36 guidelines for students and teachers of the course of biological chemistry.

Since September 2014 the department is headed by O.A. Nakonechna, who graduated the pediatric faculty of the Kharkov Medical Institute. In 2012 she defended her dissertation "Biochemical mechanisms of disturbances in the state of integrative systems of the organism under influence of polyethers and means for correction these disturbances" for the degree of doctor of medical sciences, specialty - medical biochemistry. O.A. Nakonechna is the author of over 210 scientific papers.

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