Department of Human Anatomy Print

ADDRESS: 12 Pravda Avenue, Kharkov, 61022.

Tel. (057) 700-36-26.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Head of department

MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor – Oleg Vovk


Academic work: MD, PhD, Associate Professor – Volodymyr Ikramov

Research work: MD, PhD, Associate Professor – Olga Boiagina

Educational work: MD, PhD, Senior lecturer – Roman Suhonosov

Student’s scientific work: MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor – Oleg Vovk


Professor: MD, PhD – Anatoliy Tereshchenko

Associate Professors: PhD Lyiza Izmailova, PhD Anatoliy Kulish, PhD Oleksandr Shevtsov, PhD Vitaliy Kulish – Vice dean of the V medical faculty, PhD Yuriy Krivchenko, PhD Irina Ladnaya, PhD Marina Lupyr, PhD Nataliya Zharova, PhD Olga Boiagina – academic secretary of the I medical faculty Scientific Counsil, PhD Anna Korobchanskaya – secretary of the State Examination Board of the I medical faculty, PhD Lesya Babiy, PhD Volodymyr Ikramov, PhD Igor Kolesnik, PhD Denis Sheyan; PhD Yliya Rykova;

Senior lecturers: Ph.D. Anna Polyakova, Ph.D. Roman Suhonosov – vice dean of the I medical faculty;

Assistant Professors: PhD Mariya Berezhnaya, PhD Oleksey Serouh, PhD Andrey Shmargaliov, PhD Olena Granina, PhD Irina Ryzhenkova, PhD Darya Gordiychuk, PhD Anton Shklyar, Tamara Karpyak, Mikhail Lytenko, Oleksandr Miroshnichenko, Olga Sazonova, Irina Peshenko, Liliya Sosonna, Svetlana Topchiy, Yliya Yakovleva, Yliya Onashko;

Postgraduates: Olga Avilova, Irina Chekanova

Seniour laborant: Olga Ievsukova

Laboratory assistants: Nataliya Vasilchenko, Evgeniya Mihatsevich, Olena Vlasova

Academic work

For teaching human anatomy, a unified syllabus was created that has taken into account many-year research and pedagogical experience of the department - anatomical school with 205-year history. The training process uses methods of teaching anatomy that were established by famous teachers - academician V.P. Vorobyov and professor Sinelnikov R.D. Educational and scientific achievements are effectively used with new works and requirements for medical education. Since 1992 the department has a computer training center and computerized classrooms, which aim to increase the effectiveness of theoretical training of the students in connection with the introduction by Ministry of Health of Ukraine license exams "Step-1", "Step-2" and "Step-3." The programs and bank of computer tests and tasks allow using the computers in the teaching process and for monitoring students’ knowledge. In recent years, the department has prepared and published in Ukrainian language manuals "Osteology", "Arthrology", "Myology" and "Splanchnology" with anatomists of other medical universities according to the Bolonskiy process, as well as a series of teaching materials.


The staff of department carries out research on morphofunctional features of endocrine, vascular and nervous systems under normal conditions and under the influence of some factors. This work consists of the following sections: "Macromicroscopic anatomy of the endocrine glands", "Macromicroscopic anatomy of the nervous system", “Macromicroscopic anatomy of the vascular system", "Influence of some environmental factors on human organs and systems (hyper-and hypokinesia, X-ray and laser irradiation)".


Scientific activity is related to the work of many departments, morphological and clinical laboratories of Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine and covers the problems of studying human endocrine and nervous systems under normal conditions and under the influence of some environmental factors. The Department actively participates in international conferences, symposia and congresses in Ukraine and abroad.

Department of Human Anatomy has had close scientific connections with the departments of anatomy of other universities in Ukraine, particularly with the department of anatomy of Kiev, Lugansk, Poltava, Crimean medical universities.

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