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Alisa Stryukova – head of practical training of ESI QE KhNMU
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Department of practical training of ESI QE KhNMU is a structural subdivision; it is a part of KhNMU Educational and Scientific Institute of Quality of Education and it subordinates the Director of ESI QE, the Vice-Rector of Research and Education and the Rector of the university.

Department of practical training was organized in order to control the undergoing practical training by students of KhNMU . Practical training is an integral part of the educational process aimed to improve knowledge and practical skills obtained in main clinical and theoretical disciplines and their further perfection during the work at medical establishments. Students undergo practical training during academic year in accordance with educational programs and a schedule of classes.

Department of practical training carries out the preparatory work from organizational, educational and methodological support for students’ practical training, enters into agreements with the Department of Health and the headmasters of municipal non-profit medical establishments, research institutes, charitable foundations for the practical training of students, controls the working out of practical training programs, assigns the supervisors and students to the bases of practical training, allots the number of students for particular bases of practical training, monitors the bases of practice, implements all organizing activities before the start of practical training: briefings on the procedure for practical training, providing students and supervisors with the necessary documentation ,inspects practice and the quality of learning practical skills.

When the practical training is finished, the department of practical training accepts reporting documentation from teachers and students, summarizes marks, displays total scores for practical training, fills in the registers of exam in accordance with all acting educational plans. Analyzes the reports of teachers of practical training, monitors the results, analyzes the state of quality indicators of education, compiles analytical reports on improving the practical training of students.

Alisa Stryukova