Extracurricular training of students of the preparatory department Print

“Learning is boring, but what do you do when it can't be otherwise?”

Have you ever heard such an opinion? Apparently, yes, and many times.

How to make training diverse and colorful, they know at Preparatory Department.

Here is an example of what teachers can do with students during one academic year.

They learned to say the word “hello!” in many languages ​​of the peoples of the world.

Group № 5 celebrates World Greetings Day

They learned what a convenient library they have and how to get textbooks there.

Group 4 on a study tour to the library

They rehearsed merry congratulations on the most beloved holiday of Ukrainians – New Year.

Why not vote when such a holiday!

They checked the correctness of their professional definition by going to the Museum of History of KhNMU.

It is very interesting, but we will be more modern doctors!

They argued about the comparative characteristics of the works of Ukrainian folk artists with their national ones.

We have got the same animals!

They tasted traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

Will I really be able to cook such a delicacy myself?

They celebrated the autumn ball of chrysanthemums in the Ecopark.

These flowers, it turns out, are not only beautiful but also fragrant!

They expanded professional vocabulary for the professional holiday of their future profession.

There are almost all the words here I need to practice

They immersed themselves in the world of animals with admiration in the natural museum.

And I didn't know that!

They talked about their countries on the International Day of Monuments.

They talked about their countries on the International Day of Monuments.

They dressed well in national clothes for the Day of embroidery.

Don't you think the patterns are very similar?

They won the title of the fifth Preparatory Department football champions.

The first Preparatory Department football female-player

Is it possible to list all the events in which PVI students took part?

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