Academic mobility Print

The modern world opens great opportunities for students and young scientists.

Among one of the most popular ways to realize one’s potential, to gain new experience, to get acquainted with the education system in another country and, in general, to have a good time are academic mobility programmes.


Firstly, there is a need to understand what academic mobility is in general. Academic mobility is the transfer of students and teachers of higher education institutions for a certain period of time to another educational or research institution within or outside their country for the purpose of teaching or learning.


Our University offers a large number of programmes, including summer schools and internships in more than 10 partner universities around the world, as well as thematic traineeships. Our students have the opportunity to do practical traineeships in partner medical institutions in Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan, Iran and other countries where they thoroughly study certain disciplines at will. For almost 5 years in a row, the best students of KhNMU have been studying for a semester at Vilnius University (Lithuania). It is worth to highlight that the period spent abroad is taken into account by the University as training, and all grades obtained during the traineeship are recalculated.


Academic mobility programmes are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, to try your hand, to introduce yourself and your Alma Mater in another university and country, to gain new knowledge, professional skills and experience, to improve your language skills; to see and get acquainted with the foreign educational process and teaching methods, as well as with the culture of the host country, to make new friends and spend interesting and useful time.

The answer for the most important question how to get into the program is as follows: first of all, it is necessary to study well, and it is better to do it excellent; secondly, to improve foreign language skills, because it is an important factor in the selection procedure; thirdly, to develop scientific skills, to get acquainted with the scientific community of students, graduate students, PhD students and young scientists of KhNMU.

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