Educational process Print

Educational activity - the activity of a university related to the provision of services for obtaining higher education with the issuance of an appropriate document.

The educational process is an intellectual, creative activity in the field of higher education and science, is carried out at the University through a system of scientific, methodological and pedagogical events and is aimed at transferring, assimilating, increasing and using knowledge, skills and other competencies among students, and also on the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.

The educational process at the University is carried out in the following forms: study sessions, independent work, practical training, individual assignments, control activities. When organizing the educational process at the University, the principles of academic freedom for all participants are taken into account.

The organization of the educational process is based on the principles of science, humanism, democracy, student-centeredness, continuity and continuity, independence from the influence of any political parties, public and religious organizations.