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Nikolaeva Alla Oleksiivna - Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language, Fundamentals of Psychology and Pedagogy of KhNMU, Candidate of Philological Sciences


Fedorov Volodymyr Oleksandrovych - Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine № 3 and enducrinology

Kryvoshapka Oleksandr Viktorovych- Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Prescription

Yakymenko Oleksandr Serhiiovych - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine with a course of physical education and health.

Dean of the I Medical Faculty
Nikolaeva Alla Oleksiivna

1-st medical faculty ofKhNMU is trains students in the specialty "Medical Affairs" (educational and qualification level "specialist") and, starting from the 2016-2017 academic year – in the specialty "Medicine" (master's degree).

During its existence, more than 30,000 doctors have been trained in the specialty "Medical Affairs". The annual enrollment is more than 200 students (there is a budget and extra-budgetary form of funding).

There are 138 teachers, 6 academicians, 2 honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 21 doctors of medical sciences, 77 candidates of medical sciences, 19 professors, 38 associate professors.

Training of future doctors is conducted at profile departments, the clinical bases of which are the leading research medical institutions and multidisciplinary hospitals of Kharkiv: research institute of therapy named by L.T. Malaya  of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, research institute of medical radiology named S.P. Grigoriev of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology named V.I.Shapoval. The main purpose of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists for the healthcare system of Ukraine.

Great and fruitful scientific work is performed at all departments of the faculty. Every fifth student conducts research as part of the Student Scientific Society, the results of which are announced at the final scientific conferences.The faculty has all the conditions for fruitful learning (there are modern computer classes with access to the Internet and Wi-Fi, each student is provided with educational literature).

There is a student self-government.  Amateur art groups operate successfully.  Much attention is paid to the physical culture and health development of students, which is facilitated by the physical culture and health complex.

After graduating from the university, all graduates are guaranteed employment in medical and preventive institutions in Kharkiv, Kharkiv region and other regions of Ukraine.

We are glad to see you among the students of the I medical faculty!

Primary specialization:

General practice – family medicine

Obstetrics and gynecology

Anesthesiology and intensive care

Internal diseases

Infectious diseases

Clinical oncology

Emergency medicine


Orthopedics and traumatology



Pathological anatomy


Pulmonology and tuberculosis

Forensic examination




The faculty consists of the following departments:

Human anatomy

Biological chemistry

Histology, cytology and embryology

Pathological physiology named by D.O.Alpern

Pathological anatomy

Disaster medicine and military medicine

Ukrainian language, basics of psychology and pedagogy

Pharmacology and prescription