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Address: Nauky Avenue, 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61022.

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Nina О. Gordienko, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Informatics, PhD in Biology;

Liubov M. Rysovana, Associate Professor of the Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Informatics, PhD in Engineering;

Volodymyr V. Poruchikov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation of Sports Medicine with a course of physical education and health.

Lilia V. Leluf, Senior Manager of the Dean's Office

Olena V. Koba, Senior Manager of the Dean's Office

Olga O. Tkacheva, Secretary of the Dean's Office

Dean of the II Medical Faculty

The Faculty trains students in Medical Practice (Specialist degree) and, starting from academic year 2016-2017 also in Medical Science (Master's degree).

There are over 1,200 students at the faculty, with 8 individual scholarship holders among them. Almost about 10 percent of students are excellent students, almost half of the students have "good" and "excellent" grades. Every fifth student participates in research as part of a student research group. The results of their work were presented at the end-of-year scientific conferences of the university, as well as in other universities of Ukraine and abroad.

Today, the faculty is a leading one among other faculties of medical universities of Ukraine in training doctors. Since its establishment, the faculty has trained around 30 thousand doctors in Medical Affairs. The annual enrolment counts over 120 students (there are state sponsored and commercial education tracks).

There are 116 teachers at the faculty, with a member of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, a corresponding member of the Academy of Science, three honored science and technology professionals, two laureates of the State Award of Ukraine, seven honored doctors of Ukraine, 27 doctors, 21 professors, 76 PhD holders, 42 associate professors among them.

Future doctors are trained at specialized departments, with their clinical bases being the leading research healthcare institutions and multidisciplinary hospitals of Kharkiv: KhNDI of general and emergency surgery named after V.T. Zaitsev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, KhNDI of medical therapy named after acad. L.T. Mala of the NAMS of Ukraine, KhNDI of medical radiology named after S.P. Grigoriev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv Regional Urological Center named after V.I. Shapoval. Students are taught according to modern requirements of the Bologna Declaration of Higher Education. The main objective of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists for the health care system of Ukraine.

The best students of our faculty go on exchange to Germany, within the framework of the project of the German Academic Exchange Service "Study Trips". They have an opportunity to get acquainted with the German health care system and the medical education system of Germany. Students visit clinics in Berlin, Marburg, namely the famous clinics Charité, Vivantes, Hafelhoe.

Within the academic mobility program, our students also study at the Medical University of Vilnius, Lithuania, and Tehran, Iran.

Thanks to the efforts of the international department of our university, world-renowned specialists visit the university for master classes and give lectures in English.

Students study the main issues of disease prevention and development, master modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, including emergencies, the principles of resuscitation and intensive care. The program study covers current issues of reproductive medicine, including of normal and pathological pregnancy, students learn to attend births and provide necessary surgical help. They also study the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of gynecological patients.

Graduates of the faculty who have covered special military subjects are awarded officer ranks by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Students have "good" and "excellent" grades have an opportunity to do internships in healthcare abroad

There are student associations at the faculty:

- Student self-government,

- Union of Student Youth,

- Youth trade union,

- Student dormitory council.

Students have vast leisure opportunities at the faculty. University sports club offers trainings in almost any sport, and counts over 200 student members. The university is proud of the master of sports of international class, 5 masters of sports, 17 candidates for masters of sports, more than 30 holders of athletic titles. In recent years, the faculties have won prizes in all-university sports competitions, and 2 students became winners of world and European championships.

More than 200 students take art classes. There are 2 stand-up comedy teams and 2 amateur bands at the faculty.

Students from other cities can accommodate in a dormitory, where all the conditions for rest and study are provided. There is a library, reading and sports halls, Internet clubs, cooking facilities and bathrooms.

Doctors graduate during an official event, where representatives of the Ministry of Health, city and regional leaders are invited.

Graduates of the faculty gain the doctor’s diploma according to the state standard in Medical Practice. Departments of the faculty is conducting important and fruitful research. Faculty can study further in medical residency and post-graduate school. Employees of clinical departments of the faculty provide highly qualified medical and advisory help to the residents of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, as well as patients from other regions of Ukraine, and foreigners.

The faculty provides all necessary conditions for productive studying (there are modern computer classes with Internet access and Wi-Fi, every student is provided with educational and tutorial literature). Faculty members strive to ensure for each graduate to fully acquire professional skills and master the latest methods of disease diagnosis and treatment.

До складу факультету входять кафедри:

Internal medicine №2 and clinical immunology and allergology named after academician L.T. Mala

Obstetrics and gynecology №1

Surgery №2

Urology, nephrology and andrology named after professor A. G. Podrez

Phthisiology and pulmonology

Neurology №1

Dermatology, venereology and AIDS

clinical pharmacology and internal medicine

Рейтинг 3 курсу ІІ медичного факультету

 за весняний семестр  2018-2019 н.р.